Navagraha Shanti - J

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Navagraha Shanti - J with Silver chain
Design: Attached to silver chain with box clasp for wrist

Product Name : Navagraha Shanti - J

Product Code : RST176-D99

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Origin: Java.

Configuration: 11 mukhi rudraksha with Chirmi Kavach in silver. Bracelet of 8 mukhi ,10 mukhi and 12 mukhi rudraksha made in silver basket and attach to stretch band.

This powerful combination has rudraksha to pacify all malefics of planets. 10 mukhi and 11 mukhi rudraksha together control all 9 planets. This combination relieves the wearer of stress, low self esteem , negative energies/thoughts and obstacles. 12 mukhi Surya rudraksha gives the wearer the power of the Sun to rule and move with brilliant Radiance and strength. 10 mukhi forms an armour of protection around him. 8 mukhi Ganesh removes obstacles and provides auspiciousness in all new ventures. 11 mukhi ekadash Rudra rudraksha expands the conciousness and awareness of the wearer and blesses with creativity and intellect. A powerful energised chirmi kavach attracts good luck. Very powerful combination for Kaal Sarpa Dosha.

Average bead size: Approx 15mm
Design: Made in pure sterling silver with platinum rhodium plating for long lasting silver finish.

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