Mehandi Attar Gul Hina Attar

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Mehandi Attar/ Gul Hina Attar - 10 ml

Product Name : Mehandi Attar Gul Hina Attar

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This exotic attar is prepared to Mhendi flower on base of Pure Sandalwood Oil. The pricy Gul Hina (Henna) Attar possesses as subtly sweet and exotic floral aroma renowned for brining for good fortune, spiritual blessings, happiness & balance. Gul Hina is also known as the Flower of Paradise.

It is one of the Attars developed to be used in Obstacle Removing Perfume Anointing Oil and our Obstacle Removing Hindu Meditative Ritual Kit.

It is highly used in Tobacco Industry. It is also used in cosmetic products made up of heena, especially the hair treatment products.

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