Laxmi Vriddhi Combination

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Laxmi Vriddhi Combination

Product Name : Laxmi Vriddhi Combination

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Combination of 7 mukhi , Gauri Shankar and Shukra silver locket yantra for attraction of wealth and fulfillment of desires.

This combination attracts wealth and new opportunities by awakening the Hrit padma chakra of the wearer. 7 mukhi is ruled by the Goddess of wealth Laxmi, Gauri Shankar, the union of Shiva-Shakti that enhances alignment with Universal consciousness and Shukra Yantra that enhances the benefic results of Venus. This combination also enhances self worth and charm of the wearer.

Gives therapeutic benefits to those having blood pressure and liver/pancreas ailments.

Design: Rudraksha capped in pure silver and attached to thread.

Origin: Nepal.
Average bead size: 24-28mm

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