Jwalaji Combination

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Jwalaji Combination
Origin: Nepal.
Average bead size: 24 - 28mm

Product Name : Jwalaji Combination

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A powerful fiery combination of 3 mukhi, 12 mukhi Rudraksha beads and Yellow Topaz in silver with adjustable thread.

This combination of Rudraksha of 3 mukhi Agni, 12 mukhi Surya and Yellow Topaz balances the Manipura chakra which holds the fire element in the body. Fire element is responsible for purification or the mind and destruction of past karma. This combination enhances the self respect of the wearer by driving away self-doubt and dependency on others. It cleanses the mind of all past hurt and emotions that make the native feel being a victim of the bygone events. Also, it enhances digestion by consolidating the Fire Element in the body as well as it offers radiance, youthfulness and vitality.

• Enhancement of Fire Element in the belly
• Increased mental power and knowledge.
• Leadership qualities.
• Healthy life and freedom from stress.

Therapeutic benefits:
• It heals stomach and small intestine.
• It provides relief in acidity.

Origin: Nepal.
Average bead size: 24 - 28mm

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