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Gugal - White - 75 gms

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Gugal is a tree resin, known by name Gokul or Guggulu or Indian Myrrh and is found in states of Rajasthan & MP, India. It has been used from ancient times to create a spiritual atmosphere in prayer altars and temples. It is used with Ghee and burned in full flame fire or burning coal. It has a gloriously rich and woody scent and delivers a truly inspiring fragrance. Gugal is particularly used in ceremonies (pujas) for the Hindu God Shiva.

Uses: -
• It can also be used for creating a positive aura at home and office
• The fumes and aroma is offered to God and Goddess during daily puja
• If used during Sadhana times, it aids deeper meditation
• Its fumes energise Rudraksha beads and Yantras

100% natural and herbal.

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