Fortune - J - Collector bead

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Fortune Pendant - JC
Made in adjustable silk thread.

Product Name : Fortune - J - Collector bead

Product Code : RST126

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Purpose: Superior Intuition, Creative intelligence, power of manifesting wealth, magnetism.

For: Project leaders, community leaders, business men and those desiring growth in career.

This pendant is designed for awakening the Ajna chakra and thus enhancing intuition, clairvoyance, self-control, mental understanding through intellectual identification and creative intelligence. Blesses wearer with immense power of creation of wealth and divine magnetism . Gives fulfillment of all desires related to getting a life partner , progeny, good luck and prosperity.

Most powerful rudraksha to pacify malefics of Saturn. Gives immense relief to those undergoing Shani Sade Sathi.

Origin: Java.
Made with large collector java beads
Average bead size: 20mm

Configuration: 17 mukhi Rudraksha

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