Courage - J

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Courage Bracelet - J - silver chain
Average bead size: approx. 14 mm-16 mm
Design: Made in silver with silver chain for wearing on wrist

Product Name : Courage - J

Product Code : RST32-D99

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Origin: Java.

Configuration: Bracelet: 2,10,16 mukhi Rudraksha

For invoking self power and control over situations/people.

This is the most powerful combination for healing the Sacral chakra where the self of an individual resides. Healing this chakra, helps flower creativity, power and control within. Wearer gets courage and fearlessness to deal with all challenging situations in life. Helps release guilt and all judgements of self and wearer rests in self acceptance. Makes a strong armour of protection around wearer repelling negativity in form of enemies/psychic attacks/adverse situations coming his way. Balances emotions and gives peace of mind.

Therapeutic benefits:Provides relief in lower back pain, Constipation, Kidney problems, PCOD, Ovary/Uterus related disorder, Intestine or Colon related diseases, Sexual problems and Muscle pains.

Design: Made in pure sterling silver with platinum rhodium plating for long lasting silver finish.

Average bead size: Approx 15mm

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