Angarkaya Bracelet

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Angarkaya Bracelet with Silver chain
Design: Attached to silver chain with box clasp for wrist

Product Name : Angarkaya Bracelet

Product Code : RST11-D99

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Origin: Nepal.

Configuration: 6 mukhi, 8 mukhi, 14 mukhi and 18 mukhi Nepal Rudraksha combination

For: Stability, grounding, wealth and procurement of assets. Most powerful combination for removing malefic effects of Mars and Ketu and harnessing their energy.

This powerful combination is worn by those who desire stability in their personal as well as professional life . Releases lethargy/procrastination and fills the wearer with energy and enthusiasm. Helps wearer to become practical and grounded and stand up on his own. Attracts abundance, luck and contacts with powerful people. The energies of 8 mukhi Ganesha, 6 mukhi Kartikeya, 14 mukhi Hanuman and 18 mukhi Goddess Bhumidevi makes this a very powerful combination for removal of obstacles , fulfillment of desires and harnessing power of planets Mars and Ketu.
Gives benefits in all areas related to stability and security in personal and professional life. Removes obstacles and releases struggles.

Therapeutic benefits: Cures obesity, hip/knee/leg/ankle pains, bone pains, piles and lower back pains.

Average bead size: Approx 24 - 28mm

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