beads are called the Jewel of the Gods and have been worn by those seeking spiritual evolution people since times immemorial. Originated from the tears of Lord Shiva, they find mention in ancient Puranas and Upanishads as the most powerful beads ruled by Gods and Planets

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Gemstones have powerful energies that guide destiny. They empower the Chakras in the body leading to good health, sharp mind and attraction of luck. They enhance the powerful influence of planets on the wearer and remove their malefic. Popular gemstones are Ruby for Sun, Emerald for Mercury, Pearl for Moon, Coral for Mars, Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter
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Ajna Chakra (6th Chakra)

Day: Saturday    Chakra 6: Intuitive/Third Eye/Ajna Chakra    Ruling Planet: Saturn
Color: “Indigo/Violet”     Element: Spirit/Consciousness     Position: Centre of forehead
Attributes: Intuition & psychic talents, self-reflection, visualization, discernment and trust of your own intuition
The Voice of the Sacral Chakra:
“I see…my life flows with acceptance and becomes more enjoyable with each new day!”
Blocked by: Ego, rigidity and seriousness. You get headaches and feel tension in your brow area often. You feel inner resistance when you need to be around people/situations different than what you expect them to me.
Symptoms of Blockage: Obsessed with perfection, having a stubborn attitude and taking everything very seriously. One becomes self-conscious, egoistic and develops violent anger. Also manifests as fear in decision making. Physical issues include sinus or vision problems, headaches and nightmares.
Associations: Success, good decision making and awareness. Read more about Ajna Chakra
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  • Hi Rishi Sir,I want to give some positive feedback on the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha. May be a coincidence but good things have been happening ever since I brought it home.Must be your good wishes that came with it!Regards,Mayur

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  • Hi,My name is Theresa, I met Shashi  yesterday at the Good Luck store! I just wanted to thank you for helping me pick out the White Sage candle and the Peace candle. My friend really loved her Throat Chakra oils and she is also interested in learning more about the chakras and energy healing. So we are going to both love to do the Aura healing session. I will let you know when I am able ...

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  • Thank u so much for such a nice packing and for extra blessings of rudraskh. It meant a lot to me. You got me as your lifetime customer now. Thanks. God bless your business. Malkeet Kaur

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  • Hello Rishi,   Thanks a million for the warm welcome today.  Although my daughters were a little exhausted from our day they were delighted to receive the stone that you gave them.  They both placed it on the fireplace mantle for safety keeping.  There have been so many positives since I purchased the Parad Lingam that I cannot even list them. Thank you again....

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  • Am sending you this email to wish you and your whole team a Happy Diwali.. May Mahalakshmi bless you all with luck, happiness,prosperity and good health. May her blessings also be sent on your business because today how many people have finally found the solution to their sufferings and miseries.. I take this example on myself.. Today am no more afraid to go to find a work, i feel very confident a...

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  • Namaste the whole Rudraksha Center Crew, Today I received my order. You did a great job, thank you very much! Though it was a very small order I was treated like a regular customer. Very very professional! Hare Krishna! Haribol ! Stefan, Germany

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  •   As posted By Seven time Kickboxing World Champion Master Marco Seis on his face book page- Check out our last episode of The Master Method television program: "Energy Power" with Master Marco, Ms. Julie and energy expert Rishi Hans. I hope you enjoy it!

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  • Namaste! I did receive my order long time ago. But I had no time to tell you about this till now. And now I tell you - thank You. Thank You for every rudraksha, every incense stick, for every drop of an aroma oil. Thank You! Your good deed helps me to remember myself, and helps my friends to live better. Thank You very much. Best regards Kirill Aleksandrov  

    Date -: 11 Jan, 2013

  • I would like to informed you about the amazing results that i just received by your recommendations. It has been two months now. That i have a aura reading with you and you had recommend me to wear my indra mala the ek muki by my throat and along with the 2.57 ceylone blue sapphire that you also recommend thats also to wear with my diamond ring. I just got a financial gain as a paid in home care...

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  • I received my ordered items in a few days and they were all awesome packed. Thank you very much for your help from the bottom of my heart... God Bless You!!! I will recommend Rudra Centre for my friends in Brazil. I feel overwhelmed to receive all these blessed high quality articles for my Puja. They are stunning!!! The Rudrakshas you have sent are so powerful that I can feel it when I touch them...

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  • I have been a regular customer for some time now. I wanted to commend you on your quality products as well as your excellent customer service. You ship your products extremely fast and communicate tracking information very efficiently. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you so much. Best regards Brett Dean, Doraville, USA  

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  • I just wanted to write to thank you for my 2 orders that arrived today.I bought the 17 & 32 Carat Ganesha Deity locket, and some beautiful photographs of the various Deities. They are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! The lockets arrived in the most AMAZING boxes, and silk purses.I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us! i have also been wearing my Rudraksha bead since it has arrived, and it...

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  • Namaste!Thanks for your excellent and speedy religious service.I am grateful to all your pandits and team members.God blessing to all. I will definitely used your service for any puga and yagyna. Best regards Savitri  

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  • Rudraksha: Balance your Chakra with Gemstone

    Chakra healing with the use of gemstones and Rudraksha beads is proving to be a great therapeutic method. It involves the use of specific Rudraksha beads and Ratna (gemstones) with the right stringing method. Neeta Singhal has devised this exclusive Chakra healing treatment in line with the ancient Vedic scriptures.These mystic beads and gems do have powers that can change anyone’s ways of living their life. These precious pieces enliven your emotions, change circumstances and the planetary positions to your good.

    Once worn, they discharge electromagnetic waves that impact ailments, thoughts and your life, to change it the way it was naturally made to be—empowered, enlivened and divine. For this, not only picking the right Rudraksha beads and gemstones as per one’s horoscope, imbalanced chakras and desires of the person significant, but the wearing methodology is essential as well.

    A client has a typical session which includes one-on-one consultation with Neeta Singhal where actual problems are discussed, Chakra blockages are identified and its root cause discovered. And accordingly suitable Rudraksha beads and gems suggested. After wearing the client experiences positive changes in an amazingly less time, as much as a week.

    You can also heal your chakras through Rudraksha beads and gemstones! Get in touch with us at Chakra Yog for consultation.

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  • Chakra Vastu Significance

    Chakra Vastu is the science of balancing universal energies and maximizing their benefits in a Home or Workplace by enhancing the Chakras and Elements of Vastu Purush. Energies of various Chakras, Elements and Planets reside in different directions in a dwelling. To gain maximum benefits and get optimal results from these energies each corner and area is advised to be used for a particular activity.
    Day: Saturday
    Ruled by: Katyayani Durga
    Element: Space
    Direction: North East
    Chakra: Ajna
    Attribute: Mind and consciousness
    On different days, a spiritual product can be placed at the appropriate direction to maximize its energy.

  • Planet Saturn

    According to Vedic scriptures and astrology, Saturn (Shani) is a huge celestial planet (Graha) which moves very slowly due to its distance from the Earth. As per Vedic astrology Shani means shanaiye shanaiye, the one that moves slowly and has great significance. It moves so slow that it takes around two and a half years to cross a zodiac sign. Saturn is considered to be a very cold and dry planet due to his strained relation to his father, Lord Surya. Mystically he is the son of Surya and his wife Chhaya (meaning shadow). He symbolizes old Souls. Astrologically Shani is considered a malefic Graha. However, if placed in the proper sign and house, he bestows the native with tremendous wealth and fame. When placed in an adverse condition it gives poverty, loss, misery, sorrow, accidents and hurdles in life.

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Chakras are energy points that reside in our subtle body, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. They are the body’s links between Purusha (pure consciousness) and Prakriti (the material world). These Chakras attracts the universal energies and govern our overall well-being. Their proper functioning is imperative to maintain balance of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body. The stability and harmony of the Chakras governs all spheres of an individual’s life thus promoting Healing, Empowerment and Success

Chakra Yog is a spiritual platform that guides any inquisitive individual with an aspiration to connect to a higher self-consciousness through the medium of Chakras and their Balancing. We at Chakra Yog facilitate the treatment of various physical ailments (such as lower back pains, Diabetes, Migraines and various heart problems) and emotional ailments (such as emotional and behavioral issues, depression, etc.) bothering an individual. Our counselors, with an expertise in Chakra therapy, help an individual identify his/her chakra blockage areas and suggest methods to dispel their fears and blockages using Chakra science and Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST), a therapeutic science discovered by Mrs. Neeta Singhal - Spiritual Counselor, Healer, Therapist, Director of Chakra Yog.

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What is RRST?
- Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy is the science of using specific Rudraksha and Ratna that empower individuals personally and professionally to break through to new levels of achievement and self-realization and to challenge, treat and heal all aspects of human experience.
What does RRST do?
- This Science taps the power of Rudraksha and Gemstones by evolved stringing methods so that their beneficial healing properties are effectively utilized to enhance a person's Aura and balance the Chakras. This therapy helps an individual to break free from physical, emotional and mental limitations to create a life that he truly desires.

Who initiated RRST?
- Neeta Singhal has designed this distinctive Methodology based on Puranas, Upanishads and her research, knowledge and experience of Aura- Chakra Therapy over one and half decades in this field.

What are Rudraksha and Ratna?
- Rudraksha are the divine fruits from Rudraksha Tree majorly found in Nepal and Indonesia. They are available from 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi. Rudraksha beads have been used since years by great saints and yogis for fearless life and their path of self-empowerment and liberation. They find replete mention in several ancient texts namely Puranas, Upanishads and Vedas. Ratnas (Gemstones) are being widely used as a remedial measure to counteract adverse planetary effects and also balance chakras and heal physical and emotional disorders. Gems have their own power of attracting an individual by their brilliance and beauty.

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Rudraksha, karma and astrology

For this please understand what is Karma? It is not accumulated sins, but wrong and fearful perceptions of life situations.. So when a person believes that “I have to struggle for success”,”I am not good enough”, “I fear instability”, “Money is evil”, “relationships are painful”.. he has negative karma and attracts negative situations according to these perceptions so that you are able to delve within and release these fearful beliefs.

Rudraksha releases fear, so “helps you” face the fears and release the karma. When I say “helps you”.. understand that your participation and willingness is very important for this process to happen. Yes it is possible that a person may wear a complete Indra mala and not bring about any change in his life situations, if he is not ready to face his fears or is ready for transformation. We as human being have the power of choice.. No one and nothing can bring about any change in us till we allow.

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